I’m PETER LONGHURST first licensed as G8BVI in September 1968, became G3ZVI in 1970 (G8BVI is now held by my son Philip - actually GW8BVI, as he’s just over the border.) I hold the Maltese callsign 9H3DV

I’ve been interested in the mighty electron all my life (well, since the age of 5, I’m told, when I joined up my first battery and bulb). Married for over 50 years to the lovely long-suffering Mary (who many of you will have met at rallies); we have two children Philip and Claire.


.Here’s a picture of Mary and me taken October 2011.We had just signed the agreement to part up with Garex (see below)

Early years spent mending tellys and varied home construction projects, eventually getting involved in mobile radio in 1963.

Due to quirk of fate, I was actually an Industrial Chemist for several years, for some time working with Alan G3XZX, with whom I took the RAE, and I’m forever grateful to Alan for Morse tuition.

Took on the mantle of "Mr Garex" in the early ‘70’s.

Garex Electronics became a very successful company but in Autumn 2011 I decided we should take things a bit easier so arrangements were made to hand over the Company name, the hobby market manufacturing and mail order operations to Spectrum Communications of Dorchester.

I retain my PMR related operations, both professional and hobby market, and also certain industrial operations such as bespoke cable assembly.

I have more time for the Amateur Radio being an active member of Exeter Amateur Radio Society, my main interest being build and maintenance of the Club's repeaters.